Saturday, October 30, 2010

Charley Brown

A little fast forward from my favorite blogger, Dewitt > at MANHUNT DAILY.
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From: dewitt Subject: Woof Alert: Charley Brown

How would you like to spend your Wednesday night? If you answered "masturbating to pictures of a hairy, tattooed hipster dude in a tub", then you're in luck! We just so happened to stumble upon this photo shoot by Walt Cessna, featuring an extremely scrumptious model by the name of Charley Brown.

While he may be too skinny for the chaser-types out there, he's definitely not lacking in the fur department. Does anyone else want to nuzzle between his fuzzy thighs and search for the Great Pumpkin? I have a pretty good feeling that I'd sound like this, because my tongue would be buried so far up his ass.


Photo credit: Walt Cessna

Click for larger view.


Anonymous said...

Oh, he's not too skinny! He's luscious! Yum!

W. said...

Very sexy and nice feet. I love him!!!