Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rocky LaBarre

I'm passing on an important note that I just received from Rocky. All of you can push our shared desire to see Real-Men forward by simply supporting Rocky. Get our message out there! -Furboi. Hi, Sorry to bother you but it's kind of important to me... Part of the reason I got into porn is to help put a spotlight on Daddies & Bears, and to push toward better acceptance of age and body hair. Right now the focus in porn .... what is pushed on our Gay Culture is a nearly impossible standard for most men to achieve. Additionally because the focus is on college jocks and 20-Somethings; every gay man gets programmed with the unhealthy message that they're disposable...because after 30 we're "invisible." Haven't we been fighting our whole lives to be visible? Aren't we fighting to have gay marriage to be visible and valuable and equal to partner marry? Didn't we just pull the plug on Don't Ask Don't Tell so we DON'T have to HIDE? So we can be Gay AND VISIBLE in the armed forces if we choose? We spend the LION'S SHARE of our lives beyond age 30. So just when we start to ground ourselves and understand our place in the world ... we're supposed to no longer matter because we're not a twink?? NO. Please Vote For Me in MANHUNT DAILY'S top 10. I receive NOTHING personally for this. - But my presence on this site is a push back. If I get into the Top 5 before 2PM this Tuesday- I'll be present AGAIN for one more week! My Body not shaved. My age not 20. I'm "every man" out there. My goal is to remain for 3 more of 10 weeks where they'll retire me ''on top'' rather as "not pushed aside". :) It's quick, easy and important but this part is crucial: Vote ONLY for ME. The contest says you can vote for TWO but don't. -- If you give me a boost while boosting the guys in front of me, I gain no traction. And there are a few readers who are very focused on pushing the others. They're hating on me because I'm different. Because I'm not their standard. (Ironically it turns out that they aren't in their 20's either! They're in their 40's and 50's! That's a twisted pot of self-hate I'm leaving alone.) Please Cast One Vote, for me. Rocky LaBarre. Thanks, Rocky PS If you're on Twitter, please tweet this: PLEASE vote #ONLY for @RockyLaBarre. Cast just #ONE #VOTE for #Rocky on Manhunt! THX! -- Sincere Thanks, -Rocky LaBarre Read my sex tips post. It's on your favorite blogs including Manhunt Daily and more:

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