Saturday, April 13, 2013

Josh Long

Rumors floating around that Josh is retiring early from the modeling scene. Wish it wasn't so. Here's a double set to copy and save for when you need a little pick me up.
Most can be enlarged from what you see here.





Wish you nothing but the best in the next chapter of your life.
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Coquerelle said...

He's so adorable. Love everything about him. But why these ugly tats???

glen_mc said...

Let's hope he sticks around!!

ClumBabyatHotmailDotCom said...

I have to applaud him. He got in, made bank, became a phenomenon, and is now getting out. Most porn actors aren't so lucky. Bravo Josh and thanks for the hotttttt memories! You will be missed!

Anonymous said...

J'adore ce garçon qu'on a vu évolué surtout au niveau de sa pilosité magnifique.( voir images du 21 avril 2012 )
Mais comme Coquerelle, je déplore l'arrivée du tatouage.

Josh: un seul souhait; continue à nous offrir ton corps
Je t'embrasse

Anonymous said...

Hi Josh,
apprendere che tra poco non ti vedremo più in queste bellissime fotografie mi rincresce: è come non potere vedere più i fiori in primavera.

Tuttavia, se questa è la tua scelta, noi la rispettiamo.
Da parte mia ti auguro un futuro felice e che i tuoi sogni possano realizzarsi.

Ciao Josh, I wish you a wonderful future, greetings from Italy

Roicas A said...

He is one of the best young hairy boys of the moment. Pity the tattoo on such an imaculate body.

Best luck for him...