Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Alex Marte and Damien Crosse

More from both of the superstars, click their names below.


B-in-Texas said...

Gym bodies, not much fur, posed b.s., no chemistry...yawn.

I'm glad you get better than this pretty often, and aren't afraid to *post* it! You may receive a lot of "not for me"s from those with - shall we say - more "pedestrian" tastes when you do (being diplomatic here), but many of us out here appreciate it immensely. Real people, having real sex, looking really sexy in a real way...(or at least, more convincingly posed...**laff**), that's the stuff man.

Big love.

Goffredo said...

I like very much these two "Machi" who are doing these things which I have Always drimmed to make. Unfortunatelly now I am old, very old and I can onl observe,