Friday, March 22, 2013

Brad Kalvo and Dean Monroe

 More of each of these favorite superstars, click their names below.


Anonymous said...

Brad is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of the hairy male. He's covered with hair. He looks very rough this way and I hope he NEVER SHAVES his beautiful body again!

Anonymous said...

I,also, love Brad's new hairiness, but what is it with that hair on his head? Is that a hairpiece or is that his new haircut?

Anonymous said...

So that's what happens when Brad stops shaving his shoulders and upper arms--yummy! But it looks like he tried to shave the back of his head too and wasn't quite as successful, as his hair looks awful.

And Dean's socks and sneakers are a turnoff for me.

They should repeat this pairing--in bed this time, with everything off, no socks and shoes.